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Security Awareness Training

Are your people your biggest liability or your best defense?

No matter how much your organization invests in next-gen blinky boxes, AI driven monitoring solutions, or even high quality infosec talent, sometimes all it takes is one person opening the wrong email to unleash devastation (financial or otherwise). Phishing campaigns are getting more sophisticated. Bad actors know where to strike. Frequently the missing component in an information security program is user awareness training where your team is brought up to speed on the techniques used by attackers and become the first line in your defense instead of the weakest link.

At VDA Labs we love combining our expertise in training with our experiences working on red teams and with incident response into compelling security awareness training solutions. We employ both real world scenarios and seminar based training to develop a culture of vigilance within your workforce.

Interested in empowering your users to defend your organization?

I haven’t had my butt kicked like that since grad school. It was great! Thanks for prepping our staff and helping build our program.

Dr. Josh Pauli

Professor, Dakota State University

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