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VDA Labs stands for “Vulnerability Discovery and Analysis”.  That’s what we do.  We know how to find and act on bugs to better your organization.  We have deep experience with:

Enterprise security

  • Pentesting and audits
  • Incident response
  • Building, breaking, and deploying next-gen security products
  • Security awareness

Expert Training

  • We have a number of classes on security and analysis
    • Code security, Exploits, Enterprise security, Malware, and more
    • These are regularly offered at conferences like Black Hat, DerbyCon, HITB, and more
    • We have also done many on-site trainings for big and small companies

Code Security Consulting

  • Design review
  • How to include advanced mitigations
  • Manual bug hunting
  • Static code checking
  • Runtime testing
  • Intellectual property protection