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VDA Labs is a specialized information security firm that provides penetration testing, advanced security training, and code security services to leading organizations across the country.



Enterprise Security

VDA Labs helps enterprises assess their security posture through penetration testing and consulting.

Expert training in security topics

Expert Training

Courses in modern information security topics such as malware analysis, SOC operations, and code security.

Code security consulting including intellectual property protection

Code Security Consulting

The best way to understand the integrity of your systems is an independent review.

Code security consulting including intellectual property protection

Hardware Assessments

VDA’s experts excel at working with complex systems like Internet of Things and Automotive Security

Does Control Flow Hijack Matter Anymore?

From the 90s to 2015ish memory corruption bugs in C/C++ programs, which lead to control flow hijacks (think buffer overflows etc.) were one of the hottest topics in security.  There were all kinds of talks, research projects, mitigations like EMET to stop ROP, etc. ...

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Top Concerns for CISOs

The one constant in technology: is that nothing is constant.  Change is happening, faster and faster all the time.  All portions of the business should be looking to wisely leverage new tech (e.g. cloud, mobility, blockchain) to better serve the market. As a security...

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Meet Our Droids: Penetration Testing Dropboxes

When VDA Labs conducts internal penetration tests, application security assessments, or product security reviews we typically use what we call a 'dropbox' in order to grant our team members access to the network or system that we are testing. These might be physical...

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