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Markets Served

Government and Defense

It takes a special kind of team to work effectively with The Government and VDA Labs has been there and done that. VDA’s extensive experience with cyber operations, analysis of systems and software, and general security can help move defensive (or offensive) capabilities to the next level.


Healthcare institutions house and protect some of the public’s most valuable data, and therefore experience some of the most advanced cyber threats. Furthermore, HIPAA’s stringent requirements add extra motivation for doing due diligence in this space. VDA has experience working with healthcare providers, medical technology vendors, and other industry partners to advance security within their organizations and products.


The automotive and transportation industry is working hard to adapt to new threats facing them in the information age. When adversaries across the world have the potential to reach into critical systems, lives are potentially on the line. VDA has worked directly with major manufacturers in the automotive space to assess the security posture of the products.


Operating IT infrastructure for education is a challenging task. Rarely do so many different needs converge, and a potentially hostile adversary is already within the walls. VDA has worked with leading universities, public school districts, and many other affiliated groups to understand the real risks they face and to develop strategies for mitigating their exposure.


Due to it’s nature, the financial industry is a prime target for hackers and other malicious actors. This applies equally for a CFO of a local business to an international banking institution – the money is a large motivating factor. VDA Labs has worked with financial institutions to bolster security practices on many different levels – from advanced user awareness training to code security consulting.

Industrial / Embedded

The information revolution has not left anything behind and the latest examples of that trend fall in the connected devices category, or the Internet of Things. Whether it’s a consumer product or an industrial robot, the number of devices connected to the internet is growing at a faster pace than ever before – as is the need for assuring the security of these devices. VDA has worked extensively with product manufacturers and vendors to review and remediate security issues with embedded / connected devices.

Software / High Tech

To gain real assurance of the security of your software a fresh set of eyes might be necessary. It takes specialized skills and tooling to find issues in source code – whether that’s by manual review, interpreting and sifting results from static analysis, or even fuzzing for issues, these aren’t day-to-day activities for normal developers. VDA’s team has the deep training necessary in order to bring these tools and techniques to bear in your organization.

Legal / Intellectual Property

The intersection of legal and technology issues is sometimes a grey area that requires experts to navigate. VDA Labs has worked along side legal professionals on many sensitive issues including intellectual property concerns, dispute resolution, international copyright cases and more. VDA’s skills in software analysis, reverse engineering, and digital forensics are highly applicable to today’s legal issues.

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