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Penetration Testing & Security Audits

Sometimes a good offense is the best defense – this is especially true with penetration testing.

Penetration testing is a process designed to help pinpoint the weaknesses in your system’s architecture through a simulated attack. Our industry certified team has been trained to think like the bad guys, and we aim to do exactly what they would do to hit your organization where it hurts – compromising systems, processes, and people on the way to uncovering your most valuable data.

When it’s over we provide a comprehensive report that outlines how we were able to compromise your network and concrete actions you can take to prevent similar attacks in the future.

Interested in penetration testing services?

We are very happy with the test results from the pentest that VDA Labs did for us. It has set the stage for the conversations and programs for security we need to have.

Jesse Hullihen

IT Manager, Wolverine Packaging Company

Why get a penetration test?

Finding ROI in a penetration test is easy if you know where to look – but every organization’s goals are different. Here are some examples of how a penetration test could be invaluable to your organization:

  • Identify weaknesses in defensive posture in order to direct security spending where it matters most
  • Generate buy-in from leadership by showing the potential impact of a serious security incident
  • Gain understanding of offensive tactics through the process. We have an excellent purple teaming process should you desire that.
  • Show due-diligence in pursuing IT security at a meaningful level to your partners and investors.  “Compliance is the floor, not the ceiling”
  • Protect against reputational risk associated with a cyber incident
We start our process by developing a picture of your organization from the outside using OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) methods – this means compiling a list of systems and personnel we can leverage for our attack.
Cracking The Perimeter
Utilizing the findings from OSINT research, our team will begin looking for cracks in your external perimeter. These might be logins that aren’t sufficiently secured, devices that are not up to date, or people we can target with a phishing campaign. More often than not we will find a way inside.
Lateral Movement
Once we have breached the network’s perimeter, we begin probing and looking for opportunities to expand our influence within the network. We will identify and compromise additional key systems as we move towards our goals.
Privilege Escalation
Gaining additional permissions through compromising key systems and accounts is a critical step in the process – our team will identify and pursue every advantage as we move towards our end goal.
Looting and Win
Every organization has valuable data of some kind to protect, and that is exactly what would be targeted by bad actors if they are able to compromise your network. We go after that same data, whether it’s financial information, PII (personally identifying information), HIPPA protected health care files, etc. We want to show how your crown jewels could be stolen so you can protect them when the real bad guys are making an attempt.

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