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About VDA Labs

We practice what we teach. Really.

VDA Labs was founded in 2007 with the goal of providing world class information security training through premier security conferences, on-site training tailored for organizations, and through virtual delivery. Following success in the training field, demand grew for expanding services into the areas of Enterprise Security Consulting and Code Security Consulting.

VDA loves to help move the ball forward working with CISOs, SMEs, security product vendors, and application developers across the world to improve the security posture of their organizations and products. We look forward to collaborating with your team!

The VDA Team

jared_demottDr. Jared DeMott – Lead Consultant and Trainer is a former NSA analyst and founder of VDA Labs.  DeMott holds a PhD from MSU, and has researched, trained, and consulted in security for 18 years.  DeMott has led in-depth projects such as helping create Microsoft’s EMET protection tool by placing in the BlueHat prize contest.  DeMott enjoys the creation and delivery of online and in-person training.  He is also the lead/PM for most of the VDA engagements.  He’s worked to secure multiple next-gen endpoint products, and co-authored a book on fuzzing.


Michael Fowl – Senior Information Security Consultant is an award winning purple team hacker. He has participated in several bug bounty programs, such as the inaugural “Hack the Pentagon” program, frequently placing among the top ten participants. Michael has led hundreds of social engineering, application audit, and network pentests. He’s found 0day on a number of VDA engagements, including in Auto, IoT, embedded systems, and much more. CISSP, GXPN, GWAPT, CEH.


Nick Defoe – Senior Security Engineer is deeply experienced in auditing web apps, external, internal, domain servers, virtual machines, wireless, and physical.  He loves to work onsite and is passionate about helping secure people and organizations. His recent passion is code security in IoT, Automotive, and embedded.  OSCP.


josh_stroscheinDr. Josh Stroschein – Senior Consultant and Trainer has spent over a decade as a programmer and consultant with a focus on malware analysis, exploits, and web application security. His other expertise includes penetration testing, incident response, software development, and reverse engineering.  Josh has a PhD from DSU. Besides spending time with his family, teaching VDA Labs courses and ripping apart the latest threat samples are two of his favorite past times.


Various stapurphackerff – Our senior Penetration Testers are experts at breaking into corporate enterprises. External, internal, phishing, physical, wireless, and mobile are part of our core ethical hacking offering. But we believe in training the blue with the red, which is why we typically call it purple teaming.


michelle_lentzMichelle Lentz – Office Manager is a bean counter extraordinaire.  Someone has to work contracts, look after the books, and keep these folks in line.  Lucky her. 🙂




Join Our Team

VDA Labs operates as a distributed team with consultants across the US. We pride ourselves on our collaborative workflow and general flexibility to the needs of both our customers and our team.

If this sounds like a good fit, and you want to work with the best, reach out with your resume to info@vdalabs.com!

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