We've been leaders in the security industry for nearly 2 decades. In that time, we’ve seen little software development methodology, become waterfall, and now DevOps. We saw the stack overflows exploits in C, become today's use-after-free or type confusions in C++. I personally helped blaze a trail in the fuzzing initiative, by co-authoring a book back in 2007. I’ve worked as a security researcher, trainer, and CTO. When you choose VDA for consulting, or take one of our trainings, I want you to know, you're getting the best. Our spectrum of expertise includes: software security for developers, knowledge for SOC analysts/malware investigators, and security research for hackers. We'd love to share what we know with you.



We focus on security training and consulting. Security: For Hackers and Developers Advanced Exploitation Advanced Malware Training Binary Ninja Training Web App Training Security Leader Mentoring Consulting

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At VDA Labs, our reputation means everything to us. For that reason, we do not recommend other companies lightly. We only work with companies that we trust and know the leadership team personally. We demand that any company we recommend

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