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At VDA Labs, our reputation means everything to us. For that reason, we do not recommend other companies lightly. We only work with companies that we trust and know the leadership team personally. We demand that any company we recommend hold the same high standards of customer service and security excellence that we ourselves hold.






Security Journey is a startup founded in 2015 with a simple mission to assist our clients in the building of sustainable security culture. Our focus is securing the process, technology, and the people, and application security awareness is the foundation of what we do.







We are hackers, reverse engineers, developers, teachers, game-players, problem solvers, and pranksters. We are nerf-collectors and technology junkies who love a cool breeze in the hammock or a quiet hike up a mountain.

We have spent years developing expertise across the range of information security, but we learn the most and always have fun when we play competitive hacking challenges like CTFs. We’re convinced that we are not alone, and we formed Vector 35 to prove it.