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VDA Labs’ founder Jared DeMott was interviewed yesterday (12/13/2018) by WWMT regarding an e-mail ransom note sent to many organizations around the US.

The note demands a Bitcoin (BTC) payment in order to prevent explosion of a bomb in the target’s facility. The full news story including the interview with Jared DeMott can be seen below:

While the bomb threats across the country have prompted evacuations and searches in some cases, the threat appears to be a hoax with no devices actually discovered at any of the locations which received the email. Overall, although this is somewhat different than a traditional ransomware campaign, it follows some of the same procedures including payment of the ransom via cryptocurrency.

Jared also notes that VDA does not expect this to be the last threat of this kind since it is so easy to send a message such as this. VDA notes that the first step to check if something like this is real is to search the internet, including social media. When our team first heard of this wave of threats, a quick Twitter search showed many findings including a post from Brian Krebs, a widely known security journalist. See the screenshot below.

For more details, visit WWMT’s website.