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Busy fall here at VDA Labs.  We’ve trained at Derby and have ToorCon still coming.  And we’ll be speaking at all of those.  I hope you can make it to one, and come say “hi”!  One thing I love about DerbyCon is that they release the videos right away, which allows us to network more at the con, rather than trying to catch all our talks in person.  Catch us next at GrrCon (Grand Rapids, MI) as we talk about Binary Ninja vs. IDA pro.  Both tools are awesome.  IDA is a bit more mature, because it’s been around a lot longer.  But BN is cheaper and catching up quick.  I’m really excited about the keynote talk at ToorCon.  I’ll be talking about two important issues – devOps and next-gen endpoint security.  Both are changing the way we do development and security.