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IPSwitch WS_FTP Logging Server Remote Denial of Service


Version: (Logsrv.exe)




The WS FTP logging server is a daemon that listens on UDP port 5151 and is shipped with WS FTP and by default is turned on and used by the local WS FTP instance. It binds to the public IP address of the server and is accessible externally, in part so that other WS FTP machines are able to use it as a logging interface.


Description of Crash


WS FTP uses a binary protocol to speak to the logging daemon, and each transmission begins with a two byte header "0xab 0xaa". If using a long string of characters to mangle the remaining portions of the message, a pointer operation fails at:



cmp word ptr [ecx], 0AAADh

jnz short loc_401787


This crashes the process. By flipping two bytes immediately after the two primary header bytes, you are also able to control where the dereferencing address is at the time of the crash. However, this does not appear to allow code execution on the remote host as the address referenced is too far away from any

user supplied input.


Discovered By


Justin Seitz of VDA Labs LLC (jseitz@vdalabs.com)




ipswitchlogsrv-killer.py - Change the IP and PORT numbers as necessary at the top of the file. As well there are two bytes that lead to different address offsets where the pointer dereference is attempted.



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